Gen X and Millennials

Establish your presence where young people spend most of their time (online).



Melius is a place for those people who are not quite ready for your practice.

Save time

With clients

Melius enables you to effectively cultivate and educate new and existing clients while continually advancing your pipeline


About Your Practice

Melius produces analytics about the efficiency of your practice today and opportunities for tomorrow.


and Build

Your Online Profile

Melius is a place to send prospects before they are ready to join your practice. Beyond basic portfolio shifts, Melius notifies you when the optimal time is to contact prospects. Establish your presence online, where people are actively looking for advisor help.

Targeted Communication

With Prospects

And Clients

No more general canned communication with prospects, instead Melius delivers specific information and advice that highlight areas where prospects can improve their financial position. Fluid knowledge transfer of client data to members of your team.


and real time


Melius simplifies on-boarding by seamlessly integrating prospect data into your practice. Melius is an information hub where you can build relationships, gather real-time practice analytics, discover potential client assets, and benchmark against other practices.