On demand financial fundamentals.


Financial guidance that drives action.


Expert advisor support.

One Place

All in one place.

Any Time

All in real time.

Innovation That Empowers Employees

with online tools and immediate resources to make real-time educated decisions to improve their finances.

Melius injects the minimum effective dose of efficiency into personal finance.

Increases Employee Financial Literacy
While Providing

  • A simple and easy digital platform tool to help navigate and create a foundation of financial wellness.
  • Research and knowledge on how to stack the simple building blocks of savings and security to decrease financial stress and improve workplace productivity.
  • Closing the action loop with simple and effective solutions that yield the greatest financial savings and security results.

The Power of a financially capable workforce

Melius delivers a low cost/high return opportunity and a more productive and competitive team for your business.

Reducing turnover and producing a healthier, more satisfied and loyal workforce.